Culture | July 15, 2014 9:00 am

Common Ground

By The Editors

Cultural exchange can be a powerful thing.

It brought pasta to Italy (thanks, Marco Polo) and Crocs to San Jose (thanks, no thanks).

For a more current example, look to Commonwealth, hosting powerhouse Chicago chef David Posey for two nights of delicious cultural exchange in August, now taking reservations.

Posey worked the line at Alinea before rising up the ranks to top toque at Chi’s much lauded Blackbird. He even scored some nods from James Beard along the way.

We call that a pedigree.

His power move: making three or four simple ingredients sing on a plate.

Making for a natural fit with Commonwealth chef and co-owner Jason Fox, also a virtuoso at helping ingredients hit high notes.

The two join forces on the 4th and 5th of August with a six-course prix fixe menu and optional wine pairing.

It’s going to be memorable, and it bears emphasis that space is limited.

So hit up Commonwealth’s reservation desk to secure your seat with a little cultural exchange of your own (name and number, mostly).