Culture | August 11, 2014 9:00 am

Sensor Sensibility

By The Editors

If Rocky IV taught us anything, it’s that any man can triumph over impossible odds with the help of jazzy John Cafferty montages.

But also that Ivan Drago had some super cool training gear.

Providing that type of tech to the common gym rat: Athos, one hella comprehensive workout tracker out of Redwood City, taking orders now.

Athos offers compression shorts and tops loaded with interwoven sensors.

Those sensors talk to your phone via a bluetooth-enabled brain.

The brain measures oxygen levels and muscle exertion in real time, giving you the inside scoop on your actual performance and posture — pointing out areas where you could be more effective and potentially saving you from an injury or two along the way.

Plus the clothes are machine washable.

Pre-orders are live and shipping starts in October.

Just enough time to perfect your Russian accent.