Culture | September 18, 2014 9:00 am

Hands On

By The Editors

Tell us, as you’re reading this, are you hunched over a keyboard? A little sore in the neck?

How about your hands? Are they cramped?

You need a massage. That comes to you. In under an hour.

And we know two of those: Zeel and Soothe, both on-demand massage couriers, now available in L.A.

Your correspondent decided to test them both. For science.

And both were pretty terrific.

Both bring fancy tables and sheets. Both let you pick the Pandora station. Both have user-friendly apps and homepages. And both can send you someone within the hour.

Zeel, founded in NYC, recently launched here with some of the same therapists that work with pro athletes and celebrities (your correspondent’s masseuse works on Alicia Keys).

Soothe is an Angeleno company with more than 300 licensed back-rubbers, all peer-reviewed and boasting at least 500 hours of experience.

Consider them like Uber and Lyft. Just use whichever is closest.

Unlike those services, though, once you find a therapist you like, you can request them again and again.

Call it the personal touch.