The “New Year, New You” Survival Kit
By The Editors / January 8, 2016 9:00 am

January is the morning of the year.

Which means it’s the best time to start a new routine.

Do the hard stuff in the morning, and you set the tone for the day. Do the healthy stuff at the beginning of the year, and there’s a better chance you’ll being doing it come December.

Next week, we’ll hit you with some 20-minute workouts that are perfect for an A.M. pick-me-up. In the interim, get your home and person outfitted with these three handsome local goods for the well(ness)-intentioned man.

The Duds
Workout clothes wear out fast. But Ten Thousand Apparel makes high quality duds at a reasonable price. The shorts fit like boardies but sport a silky-smooth liner and a media pocket with a slit for cords. The shirts are lightweight, quick-dry and all black — the only color you should wear at the gym.

The Platform
If you’ve ever used the Power Plate at the gym, then you know how intense they are. If you’ve thus far been stumped by a guy who grunts and wears a weight belt, rejoice: Power Plate just released a portable one for the home sans the console stand. It still reduces a 30-minute workout to 10 minutes, so ten squats will feel like 30. That means more strengthening in less time.

The Cool-Down
The hardest part of meditating is sitting still, especially if you’re a dude (we tend to have tight hips). Alex McAfee, the designer behind Conrad Mens, just released some handsome, leather-topped meditation cushions that sit eight inches off of the floor and give you enough room to sit upright comfortably and, as Alex says, “climb that mountain within.”