Culture | August 8, 2014 9:00 am

Club Hub

By The Editors

You play golf.

You don’t want to look like a fool while doing so. What you need is a private place to hone that swing.  

Here’s the place: Urban Golf Performance, a new indoor golf facility offering personalized coaching and real-time analysis with PGA-approved technology.

You’ll learn simple stretches and exercises that’ll supercharge your movements, and with their SIM Putt Lab and Swing Catalyst, they’ll help you refine your stance and swing.

That insight also means you get personalized gear advice. And their on-site fitter (think a golfing man’s blacksmith) can resize and calibrate your clubs.

UGP is all about holistic coaching — the mental is as important as the physical.

So some days they coach you in their High Def Golf Room, a projector-equipped lounge with 250,000 images worth of Beth Page for you to play while Pink Floyd tunes hum in the background.

Within six months you’ll look like you’ve been playing America’s top courses for years.

Swing on by.

Nota bene: For a limited time, UGP is offering InsideHook readers a package of five sessions (normally $750) at 20% off ($600). It’s a limited offer, so act fast.