Culture | August 14, 2015 9:00 am

LA’s best warm weather treats, mapped

Something good for every hood.

By The Editors

It’s. So. Hot. Out.

They call it a wave. But that’s a misnomer. This heat doesn’t move. It sits. Its stews. It rates just above collapsed star on the movability index.

Best way to cool down? Treat Yo’ Self, our carefully curated directory of where to find all the best frosty delights in town.

Inside: we map all things cold and delicious in LA’s most foot-trafficked ‘hoods.

Need a refreshing beverage? Here’s a tangy ginger limeade.

Need some ice cream? This truck stocks avocado strawberry.

Need to caffeinate your way out of heat-induced lethargy? Try our favorite cold brew.

Treat yourself well.

Treat yourself thusly.

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