This Biker Bar Is Not What It Seems…
By The Editors / January 15, 2016 9:00 am

Ever been to a biker bar? Doesn’t matter.

Its ill repute has been etched into our collective cultural consciousness thanks to Hunter S. Thompson, Terminator 2 and that story your deadbeat cousin always tells about the time he went to Sturgess.

And L.A.’s newest biker bar is … not that.

The Wheelhouse is an ode to all things velo — not moto — and it’s poised to be the new clubhouse of DTLA’s rapidly growing class of urban cyclists.

Inside, you’ll find 3,700 square feet of leather couches and chairs beneath high ceilings and exposed concrete and lumber, along with a 65-person café featuring August Uncommon Tea, Olympia Coffee and Superba Food + Bread.

Feel a need to join the gang? The Wheelhouse stocks Handsome Bicycles, Surly and Heritage: vintage-inspired, high-grade velos, the lot of ‘em.

There’s also plenty of auxiliary gear on offer, from bags by Topo Designs to Bern Helmets to beach blankets by Sackcloth & Ashes.

It’s also next door to Builders, L.A.’s largest bouldering gym.

Forget the bar. These are the joints where we’ll be taking our social appointments this year.