Culture | October 21, 2014 9:00 am

A Lantern-Lit Warehouse in Downtown

Welcome to The Springs.

By The Editors

Oh Downtown: your skyscrapers, your lack of foliage, your street corners lightly scented with urine.

How very New York. How very stressful.

So let’s Californicate the mojo at The Springs, one helluva relaxing wellness spa and restaurant now open in the Arts District.

Housed in a warehouse (what else?), The Springs is skylit by day and lantern-lit by night. Succulents abound.

The restaurant chefs — trained at MAKE and Planet Raw — apply their horticultural voodoo to cold-pressed juices and classy vegan bites with surprising preparations.

Like a bánh mì wrapped in moistened kale leaf, and pho made without boiling the broth.

Yoga-wise, The Springs has everything from power and flow to restorative and meditative.

Also recommended: the deep tissue and cranial massages.

The ideal antidote to hours staring at the arid vista of your laptop.

Or passing one of those pee-glazed corners.