Wheels Good
By The Editors / June 14, 2013 9:00 am

Saving the environment is like riding a bike.

No, seriously. This bike, specifically. Introducing The ReCycle, the only bike on God’s green earth that’s built with 100% recycled aluminum, taking orders now.

HQ’d in LA and made “almost entirely” from U.S. parts, ReCycles come in three handsome varieties:

  • The Moshi Moshi — A svelte fixie named for the Japanese greeting.

  • The mBula — A sturdy cruiser (Fijian for “hello” and “cheers”).

  • The MudMaste — An even mo’ sturdier all-terrain bike that translates to “I worship the mud on you.”

Design-wise, ReCycles have abbreviated seat tubes and drop-outs on the frame’s forks.


Plus they dump the standard chain for a belt drive (except on the fixie), which is made by the guys who make motorcycle chains for BMW.

And each ReCycle sports continuously variable gears, which make for smooth starts on LA’s stop-and-go streets.

ReCycles are available for pre-order now, ship in August and start at $2,000.

No one said saving the planet would be cheap.