Culture | November 7, 2014 9:00 am

You. Her. These Five Restaurants. Go.

The only five openings to know.

By The Editors

Because every Angeleno loves to eat, even if he has to valet, we bring you Table Stakes: a series that answers man’s eternally recurring question (“Uh, what’s new?”) and recurs once every lunar cycle or so. Bon appétit.

Restaurants, like the Halloween downpour, flooded L.A. the past month.

Consequently, your correspondent dined on a smoky charred brisket between a crispy baguette.

Nibbled on a crunchy big-eye tuna pizza.

And we downed cocktails. And more cocktails. Oh, how we downed lots of cocktails.

And so we’re pleased to present this month’s Table Stakes, the only five openings you need to concern yourself with.


  • A kitchen hidden in a warehouse park in Venice

  • A golden sushi spot overlooking the Strip

  • And a new restaurant from the Good Times at Davey Waynes crew

They’re all in there, so hop to it. Because these reservations aren’t gonna make themselves.

Stay hungry.