Culture | October 2, 2014 9:00 am

Puff Caddy

By The Editors

Smoking a little weed is one of life’s simplest pleasures.

It relaxes the body, enhances both food and music, and, at a heavy dose, can quell major pain.

Here to deliver a delicious dose, whatever your reason:

Spliffin, bringing custom THC waxes to your door starting today.


On the menu:

  • House Blend, 8-10% THC: Comes in melon, mint-chocolate or nicotine flavors. Good for relaxing; won’t render you nonverbal.

  • Pure Indica or Sativa concentrate (no flavoring), 30% THC: You’ll be feeling looser here, but not catatonic.

  • Pure Blonde, Indica or Sativa, 70% THC: You’re either in serious pain or you’re Willie Nelson.

They make and sell hardware, but their standard pocket-sized cigarette vape — free with your first order — smokes great.

For home delivery, you’ll need to apply for membership on their website. Takes 48 hours to verify your medical credentials.

You can purchase Spliffin at a dispensary, but membership to their delivery service grants entrance to their Arts District pad — a brick-walled loft with leather couches, pretty ladies and relaxing tunes.

Nice place to get waxed.