Culture | January 23, 2015 9:00 am

Hello, Robot Bartender

Makes drinks. Doesn’t make small talk.

By The Editors

We’ve seen the future.

And we, for one, welcome our robot overlords.

If only because they’ll make us a drink.

Introducing Somabar, an automated bartender that whips up bevvies in five seconds flat.  

Smaller than a microwave, Somabar makes cocktails by — what else? — pumping liquor and mixers into a reservoir.

It mixes. It infuses. And it pours.

And it’s controlled by an app that let’s you select the potency of the drink and choose from about 500 different concoctions.

Obviously better mixers and top-shelf booze make better drinks. (For kickass mixers, visit The Cocktail Lab or Bar Keeper.)

Between drinks, Somabar self-rinses so your Manhattan doesn’t taste like a Moscow Mule.

Just funded on Kickstarter, Somabar is currently taking preorders to be delivered by summer.

Bottoms up.