Rib Tickler

My dick is so big, the joke goes, that it won’t even return Spielberg’s calls.

There are gems like that, and more, at Improv’s new Roadhouse L.A., where the Umami guys just facelifted the front bar to a brighter, more spacious den of roadhouse kitsch and kick-ass BBQ.

And they’ve hired Chef Robbie Richter (of NYC’s Hill Country and Fatty ‘Cue) to bring his mix of Asian-infused Southern cuisine to the table.

On the menu: tahini and harissa deviled eggs wrapped in iceberg lettuce. Crispy pork with papaya slaw. Ribs with sous-vide watermelon. And steak fries served with whiskey butter.

At the bar, the Pour Vous and Honeycut guy is serving straight-to-the-dome beverages, like the Little Dickel Dew Ya, a mixologized version of bourbon and Mountain Dew.

And all of that food and drink is served inside the theater.

This Friday, Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman perform their show Hollywood Babble-On, in which a stoner and a drunk review the latest Hollywood news.

Because nothing goes better with pork, metaphorically speaking, than stories about John Hamm’s swinging Draper.