Culture | July 11, 2014 9:00 am

Plank Walking

By The Editors

These are $3,000 surfboards.

All made from Port Orford cedar.

All custom-painted in subtle mint or sharp black.

All outfitted with a bronze leash cup and a tailored carrying bag.

And all this is done by one Jason Tilly, an incredibly talented shaper who was recently discovered in Off Map, a travel series by Octovo documenting talented artisans who ply their trade away from the mainstream.

Tilly is the second craftsman selected for the series — the first was filmmaker Wes Sumner (cue inspiring vid) — and he designed six boards in his Port Orford, OR studio for the feature.

At $3K, you won’t get these planks for chump change. But they are molded to last, and they ride great. Or at least you can tell folks that when they comment on how amazing it looks on your wall.

You can also fasten it to your motorcycle and hit the open road (see Tilly above).

Leave the maps at home.