Culture | October 23, 2014 9:00 am

Your Very Own Black Ops Vehicle

You’ve got to see these.

By The Editors

Rarely in the annals of transportation literature would a man deign to call a moped “badass.”

Until right this very email.

Introducing Motoped’s line of motorized bikes, available for preorder.

This is the Special Forces of mopeds.

All the pedal action of a downhill mountain bike with the four-stroke engine of a moped.

The quiet motor is lightweight and gets 400-500 miles on one tank of gas. They come fully assembled with a street-legal 49cc motor or as a kit that’s rigged to go much faster.

The Black Ops (above) comes loaded with a crossbow, hatchet, knives, rope and a shovel. Because, well, just because.  

The Survival, outfitted with a rack that can carry 50 pounds and two one-gallon tanks, is your best bet for backcountry travel.

While the Cruzer’s leather seat and flyer-like design is what you want for getting around town, or carrying a surfboard up and down the Strand.

When doing so, you can give a chin nod to the scooters.

So cute.