Culture | November 1, 2012 9:00 am

Raw and Order

By The Editors

Salad’s good for you. It’s also crazy boring. Making it not boring, and also delicious: M.A.K.E.’s Matthew Kenney, offering in-home raw food lessons right now.

Matthew Kenney MAKEHere’s the deal with raw food: it’s uncooked, unprocessed, and all organic, meaning you’re eating what Mother Nature intended.

And here’s the deal with Kenney: he’s opened a slew of restaurants in NYC (Mezze, Canteen), then moved west to apply his French Culinary Institute chops to enhance raw cuisine. Now he runs M.A.K.E., a kale-crazy, sun-dappled place in Santa Monica.

M.A.K.E. offers culinary lessons. But Kenney also makes house calls.

And he’ll show you things, like how to turn coconuts and spinach into wonton wrappers (that actually taste like wonton wrappers) for kimchi sesame dumplings.

Unlike the standard courses taught at M.A.K.E., private lessons focus on your flavor profile and can take place at M.A.K.E. or in your own kitchen. Kenney is like a traveling culinary show, so you can sample the equipment and process before you buy.

Salad: no longer boring.