Pennie Wise

The next time you’re at a concert thigh-slapping your applause (by the way, that looks ridiculous), you’d do well to remember that everyone in attendance is, in the wise and overplayed words of Daft Punk, up all night to get lucky.

Here to help you with that goal: LuckyPennie, an LA-only music discovery app that helps you connect with others in your local music scene.

Named after everyone’s favorite Band-Aid, LuckyPennie is the audio-visual intersection of Instagram and Spotify.

Simply log in, then scroll a feed of users — each of whom has recently posted a song they’re listening to.

To like someone’s style, you give them cred and add them to your crew — your way of developing trusted sources for what’s new and interesting.

As listeners amass lightning bolts, their cred increases and they remain hot. You can filter your stream by genre and distance (walking, biking, driving or flying).

If an artist has a live show coming up, a little green tab will appear at the bottom of the album cover, directing you to a ticket outlet like Songkick or Ticketmaster.

As you interact with your crew — and yes, you can message each other directly — there’s the possibility of a meetup.

Who knows. You may get lucky.