Higher Standards Brings Their Elevated Smoking Gear to LA

Many cannabis enthusiasts will break the bank on choice herbs only to head home and smoke them out of a piece of glass they’ve had since the Clinton administration.

“It’s like buying an aged ribeye and eating it off a dirty plate,” says Sasha Kadah, CMO of Higher Standards, maker of stylish, scientifically engineered smoking “beakers” and other various and sundry supplies for enthusiasts.

Take their cleaning kits: while competitive products either look like they’re meant for your car or your sink, Higher Standard makes a high-grade cleaner that combines 99 percent isopropyl alcohol with real-deal rock salt to get the gunk out of your pipes.

They just opened a pop-up shop at the The Pottery, a dispensary that feels more like a boutique home-goods store, with design magazines, Jonathan Adler candles and Higher Standards’ signature heavy-duty smoking beaker and dab rig, both of which are made from medical-grade borosilicate glass.

So we tapped Kadah for the five products not to miss at this most elevated of shopping experiences.

Seriously: these products will refine your next session to ritual status.

The Peak by Puffco
“The hottest accessory for consuming right now is the Peek by Puffco. It’s a portable battery powered dab rig, and a more a refined solution for concentrate.”

The Auto by Banana Brothers
“This is an auto grinder. It’s smart: you open it up put your herb in, it senses how dense it is, and then uses the right amount of torque to roll a cone in six seconds.”

The Supreme Clean Kit by Higher Standards
“If you want to do it right, it’s not the most convenient thing to do. We assemble the tools that true connoisseurs are using, which is 99% isopropyl alcohol with 2ml of rock salt. It comes with a funnel and a package that’s more akin to high-end cosmetics. We want it to feel like a luxurious ritual — not a chore.”

The Fade Co.
“A really good flower I enjoyed. I had both indica and sativa and enjoyed them. Local and organic.”

Double Barrelled
“This is a vape pen that I really liked. It’s pretty in its design, but its function is really cool. It’s dual chambered, so you can mix and match strains and you can hit one at a time or both. Fun to experiment. And it rips big plooms.”