Culture | July 7, 2014 9:00 am


By The Editors

Desire has led many a man to combine unexpected things to glorious effect.

French fries and Frosties. Chinese chicken on pizza. And now, because why not: marijuana and sex lube.

Introducing Foria, a sexual lubricant derived from the flower of the cannabis plant and intended for the flower of the fairer sex. 

Finally available at your local dispensary (previously only available for pre-order online), Foria is an oil made with Cali-grown marijuana and all natural coconut oil, which, as it happens, balances PH.

It comes in a spray bottle containing 60 mg of THC. Each spray has 2 mg of THC, so about four-to-six squirts around the lady nethers should do the trick.

It takes about 15 minutes to kick in.

Your correspondent, in virtuous service to the ideals of participatory journalism, tested Foria with his partner. Her notes:

Pre-coital: “Ooh! Feels velvety.”

During sex: “Huge sense of relaxation. Comfort.”

Post-coital: “Like eating a Xanax, if every Xanax came with one free orgasm.”

And scene.