Culture | December 23, 2016 9:00 am

The $1,000 Ultra Premium Artisanal Pot Kit: Now a Thing

They smell of leather, wine barrels and, well — weed.

The measly dimebag is so 2014.

This year, marijuana went to finishing school.

According to a new article on Quartz, the biggest trend in cannabis is the luxury weed box.

The leader of that refined movement? ClubM, a San Diego-based “premium medical cannabis” subscription service that’s recently started selling $1,000 artisanal pot kits.

The two limited-edition kits include the MBox 1K, which arrives in a smell-proof custom box (made of wine barrels) and is chock full o’ edibles, rollers, grinders, flowers, sleep aids and joints, all separated into their own compartments.

The box’s target? The “discriminating cannabis connoisseur.”

For women, there are $1K leather purses stuffed with weed — which isn’t as eye-opening as you’d think. According to Quartz, ClubM’s customers are 60% women.

Both are still available, but only to residents of California with a medical cannabis ID. But for those smokers who aren’t big spenders, breathe easy: Regular ClubMboxes average about $97.