Culture | June 20, 2014 9:00 am

Script Floats

By The Editors

There are a lot of movies set here in L.A. But none captures the noir-and-sunshine surreality of the City of Angels quite like Chinatown.

So in honor of that movie’s 40th anniversary — released this day in 1974 — we’ve created The Chinatown Trip: a curated series of hikes, bikes, dine-outs and more inspired by the movie.

No, we’re not sending you to the actual Chinatown. The name’s a metaphor. The villain, Noah Cross, alludes to that fact when he says, “You may think you know what’s going on, but you don’t.”

Corollary: people think L.A. is a sprawling concrete jungle — but they’re wrong. Here’s what’s in our series:

  • Biking to an outdoor movie theater (screening Chinatown, natch)

  • Hiking to a hidden beach

  • Kayaking a newly opened stretch of the L.A. River

Plus other events and experiences that take place where the movie was shot.

So grab your gal and get out there.

It’s Chinatown.

Nota bene: for event more Chinatown locations, check out every spot on Curbed LA’s The Ultimate Chinatown Filming Location Map of Los Angeles.