The Book of Sandwich, Vol. VI: The Bacon Egg & Cheese

Gjusta has an epic bacon egg-and-cheese biscuit.

Connie and Ted’s isn’t far behind.

And Egg Slut? So famous they sent her to New York.

But there are several other L.A. bacon, egg and cheeses that don’t top the critics’ lists, and that’s a pity — because they’re just as top notch.

So for this edition of the Book of Sandwich, we’re surveying five of the best L.A. breakfast sandwiches you might be overlooking.  

Scopa: NYC School Special Lunch
They do it like the New Yorkers: on a kaiser roll. But we have a pro tip: get it on the bagel. It holds up better.

2905 Washington Blvd. (map)

Chaumont Bakery & Café: Breakfast Sandwich
Beverly Hills
Chaumont makes the best croissant in L.A., hands down. But they also bake a mean rustic bread, which they stack with an egg that runs just enough to soak into the bread without getting messy. The beef bacon is hearty and will require you leave with a toothpick, and the melted gruyere is simply heaven.

143 Beverly Blvd. (map)

Winsome: Fried Egg Sandwich
Echo Park
Probably the most slept on in all of L.A. They bake their everything kaiser roll on the premises, and it comes out hot, flaky and doughy in the middle. It can barely handle that yolk and thick-cut bacon, but we’ll accept the mess when it’s this savory.

1115 Sunset Blvd. (map)

Go Get Em Tiger: Pan de Sal
Most folks go for the soft egg biscuit here, but the standard breakfast sandwich is a solid substitute, with a pungent, sweet flavor courtesy of onion jam.

230 N. Larchmont Blvd. (map)

Jackson Market and Deli: Breakfast Sandwich
Culver City
This historic, hidden gem serves things up old-school deli style: you order at a counter using a pen and paper. You can add whatever you want to the sandwich, but definitely get your B.E.C. on the baguette: it’s delivered daily and holds things together best. They also serve good coffee and have an incredibly peaceful back patio (see main image above).

4065 Jackson Ave (map)