Culture | November 6, 2014 9:00 am

Whoa. Keanu Reeves Makes Dope Motorbikes.

And you can buy them.

By The Editors

So, Keanu Reeves loves motorcycles.

Like, really loves motorcycles.

When he shoots a film on location, your correspondent is told, he buys a bike and leaves it there when the job’s done.

Now, he’s co-founded Arch Motorcycles, and they will gladly take your orders starting today.

Reeves’s partner at Arch is Gard Hollinger, the guy behind LA County Choprods.

A ways back, Hollinger made Reeves a custom cruiser that was beautiful, fast and easy to tinker with.

So Reeves decided to share that bike with the rest of the two-wheeled world.

It’s called KRGT-1, and its 300 handmade parts are molded out of billet aluminum.

They streamlined the traditional motorcycle design by moving the side-mounted intakes between the fuel tank, giving the rider more legroom.

The engine is a S&S Cycle T124 twin cam, and the pegs and handles are customized to your size so you can switch from first to sixth gear in a snap.

More agile. More comfortable. More giddy-up.  

Nota bene: Orders are made online, but you can see the KRGT-1 for yourself at the International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach November 14-16th.