Culture | March 24, 2014 9:00 am

Big Parma

By The Editors

There’s no shortage of places to eat — and eat well — in L.A.

There is a shortage, however, of places to eat where you can actually hear yourself think.

Not to mention your date, if you’re into the whole talk-to-your-date thing.

For that — not to mention lipsmacking farm-to-gullet grub — pay a visit to Adoteca, an intimate little bistro tucked away on the walkable stretch of San Vicente in Brentwood.


It’s from the Ado guys. They’re serving savory Italian, Parma-style.

It takes skill to make a delicate insalata of watercress and hearts of palm this delicious.

The tagliatelle noodles — coated in a savory quail ragu and resting on a taligio fondue — are made from beets. Light. Sweet. Also delicious.

The intimate room is lit by candlesticks and warmed by a wall of reclaimed wood. Plus a wine list of choice Italian vintages, including a $1,150 bottle of Sassicaia 1997.

Sounds rich, but it’s worth a taste.