Crime | October 15, 2017 12:29 pm

Banker Finds Mercedes Dumped in Pool After He Dumps Model Girlfriend

New York Post plumbs depth of pool to find shocking crime story.

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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned… especially, it appears, a model who’s been dumped by her banker boyfriend.

Alleged Wall Street scammer turned FBI informant Guy Gentile told the New York Post that his ex-girlfriend — angered after he refused to fully fund her proposed marketing venture and instead ended their relationship — drove his beloved Mercedes into a pool at his Bahamas home.

He blames the drive by dunking on Russian-born model Kristina Kuchma, who left him a scathing tweet warning him that, “I have a surprise for you on a backyard, start with that investment idea first.”

“My heart dropped because of (I was afraid she was inside),” Gentile told The Post. “I didn’t care about the car at that moment. But after I realized she wasn’t in it, then I start to get pissed off that she would pull something like this after everything I’ve done for her.

“I dumped her. She dumped my car.”

Gentile, who worked for the FBI after being busted for an alleged pump-and-dump scheme in 2007, now runs a Bahamas-based brokerage firm.