Cooking | July 27, 2021 12:49 pm

Deal: Save $75 When You Buy Our Place’s Knife Trio

The bundle covers all your cooking needs

Our Place Knife Trio in Blue Salt. Save $75 off the price when you buy all three together.
You could get the chef's knife for $70, or all three for just $95.
Our Place

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Chances are you’re probably familiar with Our Place’s cult-favorite Always Pan, but the brand makes more than Instagrammable cookware. Their wares include highly-covetable knives, which you can currently save $75 on when you buy them in a bundle. The Knife Trio includes the brand’s Everyday Chef’s Knife (for chopping and daily use, as the name suggests), the Serrated Slicing Knife (for cutting things like bread, tomatoes and meats) and the Precise Paring Knife (for tiny but equally important tasks). Shop the knives in shades of cream, terracotta, dark blue and charcoal black for an even more enviable kitchen.