Cooking | March 3, 2021 10:55 am

Deal: Proclamation Goods’ Versatile Cookware Set Is Almost $100 Off

One of the newer, trendier pans that actually lives up to the hype

Proclamation Duo cookware set
The Proclamation Duo is the Transformer of cookware.
Proclamation Goods

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If you haven’t noticed, there are a lot of cookware startups claiming they have the best new pans since All-Clad. And since everyone is cooking at home more nowadays, a lot of people believe them and their artfully designed Instagram ads.

One that actually lives up to the hype? The Proclamation Duo, which we reviewed back in the fall, and which is currently almost $100 off over at Bespoke Post.

The cookware set from Proclamation Goods features three stainless steel pieces: a 12-inch skillet, 7-quart pot and a lid that fits on both. But it’s even more versatile than it appears: the skillet and pot fit together to create a Dutch oven for people who are keen on keeping their cookware to a minimum. It’s a nifty little set for the kitchen minimalist, and the stainless steel construction means they’re technically oven and dishwasher safe (though there are some caveats, like high heat and potential discoloration). You can read our full thoughts here. But considering these have had a tendency to sell out on Proclamation’s own site, we wouldn’t count on this discount lasting long.