Deal: OXO Is Throwing a Big Sale on Our Favorite Essential Hack

These containers will change your life, or at least your pantry

OXO Pop Containers with baking supplies, snacks and coffee
OXO's ingenious Pop Containers come in all sizes and are currently on sale.
By Alex Lauer / July 9, 2020 10:42 am

Take a look in your pantry. What do you see? (If you’re not near your pantry, use your imagination.) Let me guess, it’s a jumble of open bags of half-used pasta, opened cereal boxes, crumpled coffee bags, and various baking supplies that are ripped and spilling everywhere. 

If even one of those hit the mark, you could use some of OXO’s ingenious Pop Containers, especially now as the brand is throwing its annual sale where every size and shape is 20 percent off.

Yes, I’m advocating for you to become one of those people with an impeccably organized pantry. But don’t just take it from me, I’d bet you’ve glimpsed some containers like these in the cupboards of chefs and various food personalities while they’ve been posting videos cooking from home during quarantine. 

The benefit of taking your food (from essentials to snacks to spices) out of its original packaging and putting it into these containers comes down to more than just neatness, though. It’s about eliminating food waste by keeping things fresh, making your cooking experience (and life) easier by having everything labeled and organized, and potentially eliminating packaging waste by being able to buy in bulk and transfer it into these containers. And while there are other options available, OXO’s Pop models are some of the best with their push-button seal and dishwasher-safe construction. 

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