Cooking | January 13, 2021 11:24 am

Deal: This Sleek Glass Pour-Over Coffee Maker Is Only $50

Make that morning cup of joe feel a little more sophisticated

Deal: This Sleek Glass Pour-Over Coffee Maker Is Only $50
Bespoke Post

It’s time to start thinking of making coffee as a sacred ritual, an experience to be enjoyed rather than rushed through. So if you really want to elevate your daily cup of joe, there’s no better way to do so than with Manual’s Glass Pour Over Coffee Maker, now $80 off at Bespoke Post.

Crafted from a sleek borosilicate glass and complete with a built-in funnel filter, all that’s required of you is inserting your preferred filter and pouring hot water over your favorite grinds, two simple steps that’ll leave you with a carafe of supremely rich and fresh coffee. The coffee maker also makes a handsome addition to one’s kitchen, the kind of piece you’ll want to leave on display and as a result be enticed to use everyday.

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