Cooking | June 4, 2021 1:13 pm

Deal: Everything Missing From Your Kitchen Is on Sale at Sur La Table

Save on grilling tools, citrus juicers, finishing salt and more

A salad spinner, ratchet mill, meat thermometer and salt from Sur La Table
What's the common denominator here? They're all on sale, and your kitchen is probably missing them.
Sur La Table

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When it comes to kitchenware, people like to talk about the big-ticket items: pots and pans, blenders, espresso machines, air fryers, the fun stuff! No one likes to talk about citrus juicers, meat thermometers and salad spinners, no matter how essential they are to your kitchen. 

Today, we’re changing that, because all of these cooking underdogs are on sale at Sur La Table during the company’s Fill-A-Bag Event. Here’s how it works: Buy any three items, or more, from the sale selection and you’ll automatically get 20% off in your cart. We’re talking utensils, grilling tools, fancy salts, linens and lots more. It’s not sexy, but you’ll thank yourself for finally filling in the holes in your mealtime arsenal.

Take for example the Taylor Digital Thermocouple Thermometer — if you’re planning on grilling this summer and don’t have a thermometer to check your work, this highly rated model will serve you well. Then there’s Bitterman Flake Sea Salt, a great finishing salt for just about anything you’re cooking up (if you’re not sprinkling a high-quality salt on your dishes just before serving, you’re really missing out). Then there are ratchet mills, salad spinners and hand juicers (I actually own this one myself), all of which will make your time in the kitchen much easier. OK, now you’re ready for a cookout.