Cooking | November 17, 2020 10:30 am

Deal: Kamado Joe’s Most Popular Grill Has Never Been Cheaper

For one day only the blaze red Classic II is under $840

Kamado Joe Classic II grill
The Kamado Joe Classic II grill is at its lowest price ever on Amazon.

Let’s look at the positive side about spending more time at home: Your winter grill game will get stronger (or it’ll become a thing you do).

Either way, you need an ideal grill. We suggest the Kamado Joe Classic II, a well-loved and colorful charcoal grill that’s at its lowest price ever on Amazon for today only.

Kamado Joe Classic II grill on sale at Amazon

The egg-shaped Kamado Joe is an 18-inch ceramic grill that holds heat like nothing else. The multi-level design means you can cook different foods at different times, while the dome is lightweight enough to lift with a single finger. The wheeled grill is also easy to move around and lock into place.

Currently holding a high 4.6/5 rating from Amazon customers, the Classic II rarely goes below $1,000 and hasn’t been below $900 since December of 2018. Now, it’s 24% off and just under $840 for one day only.

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