Deal: All-Clad Cookware Is Up to 84% Off During This Sale. Seriously.

It’s factory seconds time, and these pots and pans won’t last

All-Clad Factory Seconds Cookware
Take hundreds of dollars off, up to 84%, during All-Clad's latest factory seconds cookware sale.
By Alex Lauer / August 12, 2019 11:40 am

We’ve written about factory seconds sales before, where companies offer ludicrous discounts on products that were dinged, dented or scratched during the manufacturing process. They’re not up to snuff for store shelves, but they perform just as well. Today, one of the most anticipated sales is upon us: the All-Clad VIP Factory Seconds Sale.

Before you click on that link above or below, there’s something you should know: it looks sketchy. We’ll just go right out and say it. Yes, you have to enter your email to look at the cookware. And yes, there are big warnings about these being slightly damaged goods being sold with no refunds. But what we’re talking about here is one of the top names in high-end pots and pans, the brand that real-deal chefs swear by, and the one that people save up their entire young adult lives to buy once they become homeowners (or when they upgrade to their second home).

And during this sale, All-Clad cookware is up to 84 percent off. Yes, 84 percent off

If you’re a nonstick diehard, there’s a 13-piece set where only the packaging is damaged, but it’s still discounted from $900 down to just $300. There’s a five-piece set of the classic stainless steel discounted from $635 to just $350. And then there are ridiculous single-item deals like a square griddle discounted from $155 to [rubs eyes] $30

The sales only run through Tuesday, but because of demand they might sell out faster. [Editor’s note: Despite the 48-hour notice, the sale is still running as of Wednesday afternoon.] So go ahead and enter your email (don’t be afraid) and upgrade your kitchen from those scratched-to-hell $15 nonstick pans.

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