Chicago | June 24, 2014 9:00 am

Tig ‘Ol Biddies

By The Editors

The short version: modern furniture and modern erotic photography.

The longform: both will be available next month by way of two outstanding auctions at Wright Chicago. Mark your calendars now.


For the uninitiated, Wright Auction specializes in 20th-century pieces of design and art. Y’know: Scandinavian furniture, Italian glass and the always scintillating category of 20th-century carpets.

In other words: investment pieces.

First, the photography: a standalone sale of prints from the private collection of photographer Wingate Paine. Classy. Black and white. Full of heaving bosoms.

This online auction is on July 15th. Take a gander at the preview here (SFW, as long as HR is open to excuses that begin with “But it’s art!”).

And the furniture. For Wright’s Mass Modern sale, you’re looking at 500 pieces of 20th-century furniture and art, from Eames to Warhol.

Previews start on July 7th, and the auction takes place at Wright’s massive West Loop warehouse on the 12th.

Now, none of this comes cheap: sale estimates begin at $100 and go upwards of $10,000.

But don’t let that deter you — ya’ never know how the market will go.

Nota bene: If you’re not the bidding type, you can check out Wright Auction’s permanent collection, which features mid-century gems for immediate purchase.