Chicago | July 13, 2015 9:00 am

The Perfect Second Home in 140 sq. ft.

ToyBox crafts tiny homes for big adults

By The Editors

Pictured: a ToyBox Tiny Home.

It’s a 140-square-foot modern masterpiece on wheels.

Why would a man want a tiny house?

Because a normal house can’t hitch to the back of a truck and set up shop in the countryside for the weekend.

ToyBox can. And they’re accepting project inquiries right now.

As in: you can go ahead and buy this one. Or, help them help you build a custom one with a charitable bequest.

Designed by two local handydudes, the ToyBox is a mid-century modern-inspired marvel of space-saving built from three colorful fiberglass cubes and natural cedar.

Inside, a lofted sleeping nook and modular living space with a full kitchenette, built-in storage shelves and windows for days.

Also: heated floors and a shower.

We call that economy.

Picture it in your backyard. For the kids. For you. For weekend escape plans with the missus.

Give them a call to get started on a quote. Ask nicely and they might even build you one from the ground up.

Living large: it’s a state of mind.

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