These Workouts Will Destroy You

Let’s be honest, Chicago: we ain’t fit like other cities.

And according to the forecast, the rest of the year is looking like turkey, liquor and a 100% chance of sweet, delicious regret. So unless you wanna start 2016 in the hole, we suggest you lace up, sweat it out and get in prime shape.

Here are your marching orders.

Studio Three | River North
This new health and wellness facility in River North spans three levels and features three distinctly different workout studios, including Chicago’s first ever Peloton Cycle studio. Dude-friendly workout, less culty than other spin classes in town and super hi-tech. Peloton helps you keep your bike legs all year round while gamifying your workout: data and performance-driven, with a slight touch of friendly competition. Promo code GRANDOPEN2015 gets ya’ 20% off any of their monthly unlimited packages.

Studio Three, 648 N. Clark St. (map)

First Ascent Climbing | Avondale
Only the city’s second climbing gym. And trust, you’re gonna feel this one in your back, legs, shoulders and arms. On offer: sport climbing and bouldering, with summits as high as 55 feet. First Ascent makes it easy to get a grip, offering monthlong group courses with options like yoga and a full-body fitness center to help round out your workout.

First Ascent Climbing, 3516 N. Spaulding Ave. (map)

Iron & Oar | Lakeview
Rowing is all about form. And with the form and at the right intensity, this cardio workout can lay waste to calories and build serious muscle. Iron & Oar is dedicated to all things rowing, with a state-of-the-art facility and machines. You’ll wanna sign up (or maybe work up to) their Signature Class, basically a sadistic hour-long row to the finish line.

Iron & Oar, 2933 N. Halsted St. (map)