Chicago | March 18, 2015 9:00 am

How to Drink on the Job

Slow Ride: Drink Beer. Do Work. Win.

You know what’s good after an honest day’s work?


You know what’s good while you’re working?

Also beer.

Make the latter happen with the Slow Ride Sessions, a workshop series where you learn how to do things (fix a bike, screenprint some art, etc.) while drinking, you guessed it, beer.

Kicks off tomorrow with bike maintenance know-how at Heritage Bicycles.

The beer: the Slow Ride Session IPA from New Belgium Brewing.

Also known for: Fat Tire and the bizarre and always entertaining Tour de Fat.

And the local fixer: Good Beer Hunting, which you’re already familiar with if you, like your correspondent, appreciate good beer.

Says GBH head honcho Michael Kiser: “You’re looking for that deep hop aroma on the nose. Big punch of flavor. Fresh. Vibrant. Lighter in the body. Low ABV. An all-day companion and you’ll still have your wits about you.”

So, the Slow Ride Sessions are all about slowing down and enjoying a session IPA, all while pow-wowing on some practical life skills.

Like building your own six-pack carrier.

Tickets are rolling out fast. See the full list here.

Come ready to work.

Come ready to drink.

Nota bene: This all leads up to a sudsy blowout bash at Kaiser Tiger, where you get to hang with all the makers … over a beer. Details are still in the works. Keep up to date here.

Photo Credit: Nathan Michael