Chicago | October 16, 2014 9:00 am

Never Lose Your Wallet Again

Salt Card: It protects your phone and wallet

By The Editors

Men, we live in perilous times.

Thieves abound. We’re not even safe at the hardware store these days.

Protect yourself from thieves, whether in the cloud or on the ground, with Salt Card, available for preorder now.

Salt Card looks like a credit card. It automatically unlocks your phone when you’re nearby, and automatically locks it when you’re not.


Created by two Chicagoans, Salt Card lives in your wallet.

From there, it wirelessly connects to your smartphone through a dedicated app.

When the card is within ten feet of your phone, your phone is unlocked.

Beyond ten feet, your phone locks.

It’s pretty sweet. Check out the video:

Salt Card will also let you lock specific apps (e.g., email, gallery or messaging).

And if you lose your wallet, the Salt Card app will help you locate it.

You’ll have to buy a new card when the juice runs out, but that’s a small price for feeling safe.