Chicago | July 7, 2016 9:00 am

Magic: Kinda Lame. Vintage Magic Art: Not Lame.

Potter & Potter open an online shop for magical ephemera

You know what they say the first trick every magician learns is, right?

How to make his girlfriend disappear.

Vintage magic art, on the other hand? It’s princely stuff, and you’ll find it at Quicker Than The Eye, a new online concern from local auction house Potter & Potter.

Photo courtesy of Potter & Potter
Potter & Potter specialize in magic memorabilia. Also gambling. Strange Americana in general, really. They’re who you go to when you’re bidding for Harry Houdini artifacts, or antiques and relics from traveling circuses and sideshows of yesteryear.

And now they’ve opened up an online store where they’ll be offload said curiosities ad hoc.

A few highlights:

You can check out Potter & Potter’s full inventory here.

Grab ‘em before — poof — they’re gone.