Chicago | July 25, 2014 9:00 am

Apocalypse Now

By The Editors

Can the US Postal Service save you from the apocalypse?

Now it can:

Introducing My Apocabox, a delivery service that ships survival materials to your door every other month, gearing up for its first drop in August.

Curated by survival guru Creek Stewart — a grizzled leatherneck who runs Willow Haven Outdoor in Indiana — My Apocabox is the culmination of years spent teaching doe-eyed Chicagoans how to prep for the unexpected.

Each package is loaded with one-of-kind gear (from knives to sheltering tools), useful survival manuals, practical handmade goods and functional everyday carry items.

You can even use the stuffing from the box as fire tinder.

Give it a few months, you’ll have an emergency “go bag” all your own.

And you never had to go anywhere to get it.