V-Day Invasion
By The Editors / January 23, 2014 9:00 am

Just do her kindness. 

That’s how you think about February 14th.

Ignore the Valentine’s Industrial Complex. Don’t get her heart-shaped chocolates. Or scented candles.

Or bubble baths made from sea salt and, like, the tears of Nicholas Sparks.

Just do her a kindness. Show her you care.

That’s why we offer you this, our 2nd Annual Valentine’s Guide.


Inside: three-step dating itineraries for an enjoyable evening.

Where to take her, what to buy her and how to do it, whether you’re hitched, common law, or just, y’know, involved.

Good luck, and enjoy yourself,

P.S. Should you need gift ideas, our Nation edition has collected a few wonderful and timely items right over here.

Main image credit: Alyssa Julya Smith by Neave Bozorgi