Chicago | June 20, 2014 9:00 am

Swingers Club

By The Editors

There are regular happy hour bars: lite beer, sticky floors, wood stools in service since the first Daley administration.

And then there are more rarefied happy hour haunts. This is about the latter.

Welcome to Henry’s Swing Club, the new libation lounge from the DMK guys, opening tonight in River North.

So named after a John Lee Hooker tune, Henry’s is where you’ll loosen up the tie in style and carouse over blues tunes and a good ol’ one-two boilermaker.

The decor: a dimly lit den of vintage sofas, graffiti on the walls and at least a few classic Playboys strewn around.

In charge of the bar: Violet Hour and Billy Sunday vet Michael Rubel, whose cocktail program ranges from classics to carbonated draft. For the latter, get the Pisco Punch  a delicious bottled cocktail made with pineapple syrup, lime and grapefruit bitters.

As for the eats, there are sliders  the city’s largest selection, in fact. Standouts include a burger smothered in Merkts cheddar and our favorite, the fried oyster topped with arugula and cajun mayo.

Plus they’ve got games. Y’know, a pool table. Uno. Regular playing cards.

Call it their ace in the hole.