Chicago | December 30, 2016 9:00 am

Start 2017 Right With These Tried-and-True Hangover Cures

Care of 10 of Chicago's most trusted chefs and bartenders

On New Year’s, there is a tendency to drink one too many.

And while alcohol generally improves with age, the person drinking it does not.

Thanks, 2016.

Seeing that drinking in excess might be on your schedule tomorrow night, we took the liberty of asking a few of our favorite local chefs and bartenders for their go-to hangover cures.

Read up, take two aspirin and we’ll see you next year.

“Huevos rancheros. Topo Chico with salt and lime. A bottle of Mexican coke (over crushed ice if possible). 6-8 oz of Tecate or Modelo. Finish these items, then a double shot of espresso, a fernet branca over ice and a 10- 20 minute nap. You’re ready to resume your regularly scheduled program.” — John Manion, Chef/Owner at El Che

“Drink an ice cold beer while taking a hot shower, take three aspirin and eat chilaquiles with fried eggs and lots of grilled jalapeños. If you’re still hungover after that, add whiskey. You will be fine in no time!” Rick Gresh, Head Chef at AceBounce and 1901

“Lots of Aleve and a good bowl of pho. Aleve is a miracle drug and pho with extra tripe will bring you right back to life. The best is from Pho 777. All the others are fakers.” — Erling Wu-Bower, Chef de Cuisine at Nico Osteria

“Topo Chico is a godsend. Literally created by the Divine One himself, it could be the single most carbonated beverage on the planet. Also: a solid hot yoga class will have you hating every single minute, but it may be the only true route to eliminate from your body all the toxins ingested the night before.” — Jay Schroeder, Head Bartender/Partner at Mezcaleria Las Flores

“My hangover cure is a ‘cocktail’ that’s a play on a well-known cure for an upset stomach. It’s called The Let It Bleed, goes like this:

.3 oz angostura bitter
.75 oz lime juice
2 pinches of kosher salt

Build all the ingredients above in a Collins glass, fill with ice and top with soda water. Garnish with a greasy hamburger.” — Melissa Pinkerton, Beverage Director at The Betty

“I’ve found the preventive measure of taking ibuprofen the night before to be incredibly effective, when that’s an option. But when the morning comes and I feel like a moldy dish sponge, I like a banana and a Topo Chico with an Underberg. Later, something in the pozole/birria/ramen/pho family to coat the hungover brain in rich soupy love.” — Graham Heubach, GM at Sportsman’s Club

“Hydration is the most important part of recovering from a hangover, so if matzoh ball soup is not available nearby I highly suggest you follow these instructions: head to Chinatown for soup dumplings at Phoenix or Cai. Problem solved.” — Jared Rouben, Head Brewer/Owner at Moody Tongue

“Caffeine! My go-to is Diet Coke. Then it’s time for an egg sandwich covered in American cheese, and lots and lots of couch time. Oh, and coconut water.” — Mindy Segal, Chef/Owner at Mindy’s HotChocolate

“Hangovers can be brutal and preventable! Drinking a glass of water between beverages the night before can save you a lot of pain. If water is not available in your area, 800 mg of ibuprofen, a beer (the cheaper the better) and a cup of coffee should do it.” — Charlie Schott, Bar Manager at Parson’s Chicken & Fish

“When hungover, sleep. And then sleep some more. Keep a large water bottle on the nightstand and chug anytime you wake up.” — Brad Bolt, GM/Partner at Bar DeVille