Chicago | December 16, 2016 9:00 am

The Growhouse Is the Greenest Way to Stave Off Those Winter Blues

You might miss the sun, but at least your house plants won’t

Sub-zero temps. Dark at 4:30 p.m. Yep, winter bites. 

But a man shouldn’t have to suffer through the same doom and gloom in the comfort of his own home.

Here to help you stave off the winter blues, and handsomely: the Growhouse from Chicago’s own Modern Sprout. Think of it a personal greenhouse — a mountable box of zen that mimics sunlight when you (and your plants) need it most.

The thing about house plants is there’s no reason you shouldn’t possess any, especially during the winter. Not only does a little vegetation keep a home fresh and green, but guests straight up love ’em.

Says Modern Sprout co-founder Sarah Burrows: “Growhouse offers a great solution for apartment dwellers that want succulents but don’t have sufficient direct sunlight.”

We’ll add it’s a solution for anyone who’s ever unwittingly killed a plant before.

Because thanks to an automated LED light system, you actually don’t need any direct sunlight. And because of the front-mounted hinged door, watering is easy and humidity stays high, even if a sputtering radiator says otherwise. 

For those who desire some function with their form, Burrows notes the antiqued glass-and-brass box is also ideal for herbs. “We love having basil, parsley and mint accessible for cooking and cocktails year-round,” she adds, “and these herbs can grow from seed in the Growhouse.”

We’re partial to Modern Sprout’s cocktail-themed seed set. Also their easy-to-use hydroponic planters that are also easy on the eyes. 

As for the decorative numbers worthy displaying in the Growhouse? Burrows recommends visiting local plant purveyors like Sprout Home, Adams & Sons and Gethsemane Garden for the assist. 

Just make it quick. Y’know, before winter shuts you in for good.