Chicago | October 12, 2015 9:00 am

You’ve Been Listening to Music All Wrong

Gramovox's vertical turntable is a sonic marvel

By The Editors

When it comes to music, digital trumps analog nine times out of 10. 

More convenient. Portable. Easier to share. 

But can your favorite streaming service float? Impress a room full of music lovers? Show Mayor Emanuel’s proposed “cloud tax” who’s boss?

No, sir. It cannot. 

For that, you’ll wanna get with the Floating Record turntable — from the same local audiophiles who brought you the Bluetooth gramophone speaker — available for preorder now.

Even if you don’t own a single record, you gotta admit that’s a damn handsome player.

Mostly because, yes, it plays records vertically. But also because it sports a maple cabinet and full-range stereo system.

Downside: it ships in December.

Upside: it makes for a great gift.

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