Chicago | April 8, 2015 9:00 am

This Grill Is Also … A Duffel Bag?

The GoBq puts all other portable grills to shame

By The Editors

Grills usually do one thing: cook meat.

Two if you count veg.

Grills do this wherever there are good cooks and hungry yaps.

In Chicago, this is everywhere.

Hence, we give you a grill that cooks meat and goes the extra mile:

Introducing the GoBQ — the seriously portable grill in a bag — now up for preorder.

Basically, two Chicagoans have created a silicone-coated fiberglass fabric grill that withstands high temps and flare-ups and folds up into a convenient carryall.

In transport, it resembles a smooth duffel bag you can throw over your shoulder. Weighs an incredible eight pounds.

Unlatch the bag and out comes the hardware: the grill body, chain-ring charcoal basket and nickel-plated metal grate that unrolls for 196 square inches of cooking surface.

That’s bigger than your Smokey Joe. Plus: it’s much more portable. Embarrassingly so.  

The rub: this is an IndieGoGo campaign.

The marinade: it’s well on its way to success.

Plus: unequivocal respect from your fellow grillers come the August delivery.

Just make sure you bring the meat.