Chicago | August 19, 2014 9:00 am

Suit of Armor

By The Editors

Chicago can be a dangerous place.

But it would be the height of pretension if you chose to protect yourself by buying a bulletproof suit.

Just so you know, though, the option exists: introducing the three-piece Bulletproof Suit from Garrison Bespoke.

The brainchild of Garrison owner Michael Nguyen, who earned his chops on Savile Row, the Bulletproof is made from carbon nanotube material that’s 30 times stronger than steel and much lighter than Kevlar.

It’s the same stuff the U.S. Special Forces use.

Result: thin and flexible. No bulk. Stops bullets and blades. Have a look at this vid.

And it’s all made-to-measure right in Garrison’s shop.

That said, they’re located in Toronto. They only do in-person appointments.

But if you need a bulletproof suit, you’re probably willing to cross the border.  

And at least you know nobody’s going to shoot at you while you’re in Canada.