Chicago | January 6, 2017 9:00 am

Sexy Cuban Cabaret Rum Club?

The closest thing to a Havana night without leaving Chicago

Traveling to Cuba is easier now than ever.

But in the case you won’t be making the 1,500-mile trek any time soon, we found the next best thing.

It’s a glimmering new Cuban-inspired cabaret lounge called the Flamingo Rum Club.

Best grab your favorite señorita and ándale pues. Here’s the plan.

Step One: Look the Part
Not too long ago, a proper hat was a man’s defining accessory come winter. True in the United States, doubly so in Cuba. Should you wanna get yourself, say, a handsome straw Panama topper for the night, you won’t do any better than the custom hatmakers at Optimo, who just recently moved to a spiffy new location inside the Monadnock Building. We’re partial to the Chicago — but this one oughta do the trick for tonight. Just don’t go overboard with the look. Pair with a casual blazer. Cigar optional.

Optimo Hats, 51 W. Jackson Blvd. (map),

Step Two: The Dinner
Look acquired, your evening begins in Miami’s Little Havana circa the 1920s. At least that’s the look and feel of the new Latin-inspired eatery Ronero, located in the heart of all the action in the West Loop. Chef Corey Morris, who cut his teeth at Mercat a la Planxa and Rural Society, will prime your tastebuds for the evening with dishes like the Arroz Con Pollo — perfect roasted Amish chicken served over Bomba rice and Piquillo Sofrito. As for drinks: the name of the game is rum. G’head and order some up. It won’t be the last time tonight.

Ronero, 738 W. Randolph St. (map),

Step Three: The Closer
From Phil Stefani (Mad Social) and Adolfo Garcia (Pearl Tavern) comes the Flamingo Rum Club, a sexy new cocktail lounge with Cuban vibes and nightly live cabaret. It’s a lively, free-flowing show that includes tableside shimmy action and festive song and dance. Will it transport you to Havana? Maybe for a second. Will you and yours be thoroughly entertained? Guess we can say: the more rum, the better. Shows start nightly at 9 p.m. 

Flamingo Rum Club, 601 N. Wells (map),