Chicago | October 3, 2014 9:00 am

Recovery Mode

By The Editors

Gentlemen, here’s a little known fact of working out:

You don’t get stronger by lifting barbells.

You get stronger when you rest.

Hence: Edge Athlete Lounge, the just-opened training studio offering aggressive rest-and-recovery programs, now accepting athletes of all skill levels.


Marathon runners take note. This is where progress is made.

We’re talking cutting edge recovery tools, cold and hot water therapy, electro stimulation and in-house medical services including physical therapy and chiropractic care.

Tucked away on Elston, the space is relaxed — full-service café in the front; timbered walls and leather couches everywhere else.

When you arrive, give Robyn a shout. She’s the owner.

She’ll most likely slip you into some Recovery Boots (like she did to your correspondent) — basically a compression garment on steroids.

Average recovery time after a run? 48 hours.

Average recovery time with the boots? Like, an hour.

Or you can jump in the ice bath and pray for your nether regions.

Either way, you’ll feel lighter. Less prone to injury.

And ready to train harder.

Nota bene: The Lounge is running a special Chicago Marathon package the days leading up to the race. Hit ‘em up for more details.