This Date Night Involves Two Very Large Disco Balls

Go on enough dates and you’ve probably got a plan down pat.

But for those special nights? A man’s gotta mine a little harder.

Luckily you just struck date-night gold. Solid ‘70s Gold, that is.

Image: Emily Andrews
Step One: The Dinner
Tonight’s romantic dinner is brought to you by Steadfast, the new fine dining offering located in the lobby of the Kimpton Gray Hotel from the same group behind the much buzzed-about Lincoln Square cocktail bar the Sixth. Expect the same level of execution here, except in a clean, tasteful setting with vibes straight outta Old Hollywood. Kick the night off with a Spring In My Step, a cordial cocktail made with aquavit, carrot, ginger and gran classico, then move on to the chocolate-covered foie to nosh. As for your main, you won’t go wrong with Egyptian-spiced mussels (menu here). Do skip dessert this time around, however — you’ve got a little something special planned.


Step Two: The Frozen Treat
After dinner, hail yourself a car and head on over to Ramen-San, where you’re there for one thing, and one thing only: the Hong Kong-style egg waffle sundae. You may wanna split this thing: an egg-batter waffle topped with macerated strawberries, black sesame seeds and condensed milk. This one might not be around for much longer, so now’s the time get a taste. And hey, since you’re here, might as well grab a drink. Cocktail menu’s right here, but may we suggest a Sake Bomb?


Image: Jackie Trezzo
Step Three: The Closer
It’s a two-second walk across the street to the cocktail bar Celeste. Tonight, you’re skipping Celeste. Instead you’re heading up stairs to Disco, a flashy discothèque with a wall-to-wall LED dance floor and at least two large disco balls hanging by the bar. Yes, there’s a cocktail here called “Pornstar Frozen Martini,” but then again, look around you. Despite appearances, the space lends itself to high-class soirées, and she will not want for drinks with 25 types of Champagne on the menu. Pop one, son. It’s a celebration!