Chicago | August 13, 2014 9:00 am

Seating Request

By The Editors

Every man has the same dream:

To stay in shape while sitting on his ass.

The dream realized: Cubii, the fitness trainer that allows you to burn calories while sitting at your desk, available for pre-order now.

Call it a low-risk, high ROI workout.

Fact: sitting in front of the computer all day is killing you.

Additional fact: doughnuts don’t help, either.

Invented right here in Chicago, Cubii lives under your desk and is optimally designed to provide smooth elliptical movement.

The result is unconscious motion. Knees steer clear of the underside of the desk.

So never a distraction.

Plus: Cubii connects to a dedicated app via Bluetooth. Track your mileage. Adjust the resistance. Even link to fitness trackers and other wearables.

You’ll work hard — even if you’re hardly working.

Nota bene: Need to get off your keister right now? We suggest checking out these 7 Simple Exercises That Undo the Damage of Sitting, courtesy of Art of Manliness.